Reuse our (TreeWear) Product Packaging

As a business, we feel it is important to consider the impact of the products we create for you, which manifests through our choice Natural ingredients and our plastic-free packaging.

We also believe that the responsibility towards creating sustainable solutions lies in both the hands of the business as well as the buyer. And as a business, we would like to extend ourselves out to help you our customers, work towards a more sustainable lifestyle by helping you REUSE OUR PACKAGING.

One step that can reduce our collective impact on the planet is to up-cycle and REUSE more often. And in a bid to do that, we have created this page as a resource for how to up-cycle our packaging after you have finished using our product and are looking for ideas to reuse the packaging. So here is a short list of how to REUSE the packaging of our existing products.

Natural Deodorants:

Our Natural Deodorants are one of our more popular products, so instead of using plastic as a form of packaging, we opted for a compostable paperboard tube. One your deodorant stick has finished, you should remove the inner lining on the tube (which is plastic and should be disposed of accordingly) and then use the tube as a seed starter for you garden or potted plants. It makes it really easy to store the sprouts and move them at the right time to your bigger vessel or garden.



1. Remove the Inner lining and dispose of appropriately.

2. Ensure the bottom stopper is in place.

3. Place about 1-2 fistfuls of moist soil from your garden or pot into the tube a little at a time.

4. Once the tube is mostly almost full (2cm from the top), place your seeds (1-4 depending on the type) in the tube and cover them with 0.5cm of soil.

5. Add a touch (or few sprays) of water to the soil at the top of tube.

6. After the seeds have grown enough, you can transfer the tube to the place designated for planting.

Granted that you will only use about 3-4 sticks of deodorant a year, you can keep them aside for the important seeds!


use our compostable deodorant tubes as seed starters


Lip Balms:

Our lip balms come packed in small aluminium containers. Aluminium has good scrap value and it can be more easily recycled as a material so if you have the means, giving it to the scrap collector is a good idea. But there are a few other uses for the container once you are done with it.




1. Once the Lip Balm is over, wipe the container from the inside before use.

2. Use the small box to store small items like jewellery or tablets on the go.

reuse the container to store jewellery on the go

3. Use the container to refill with wax and a wick and reuse it as a tea-light candle!

tealight candles made from our aluminium lip balm containers

4. Use it as a holder for incense cones, to contain the ashes and keep your surfaces from burning.

lip balm container reuse inscense

Oil Pulling Mouth Swirl & Cleansing Hand Lotions:

Our Cleansing Hand Lotions and Oil Pulling mouth swirl are very versatile products and packaged in cardboard boxes and amber glass bottles.



The outer triangular cardboard box is great to keep the products you order intact. They are designed to get damaged along the way, but incase yours reaches you mostly intact, you can turn the box into a neat pen organizer.

1. Remove your product from the box. and cut the 2 flaps on the top off with a pair of scissors.


Cut the box to convert it into an upcycled pen stand


2. Place your pens in the box. Decorate it. And place it on your newly organized desk!


Upcycled, Pen Stand



Amber glass bottles have a bunch of uses after the product is over. They are especially useful to keep the liquid insider away from direct sunlight making it a great way to store oils and other tinctures.

1. Make sure you give the bottle a good wash before using it. Hot water and soap (followed by just a plain water rinse) are ideal to get a good result.

2. You can refill your bottle with oils or liquid compounds that you might want to take with you when you travel. It's a great way to save space and increase the efficiency of your travel essentials. Use a small funnel or a medium sized syringe or dropper to fill up the liquids.


fill up old bottles


3. You can also fill up the bottle with diffuser oil and place a few reeds in it and use it as a reed diffuser. Due to the bottle neck, only a couple of reeds will fit in at once so it would be better to use this as a diffuser in a smaller space/room.


upcycled reed diffuser