How is TreeWear different from other brands?

Why is TreeWear a better choice for our environment?

How are TreeWear's products made?

Shipping & Returns

How do I get a refund?

Can I cancel my order?

How long will it take my order to reach?

Tree Planting

Where do you plant the trees?

Can I visit my tree?

How do I know that you have planted a tree on my behalf?

What kind of trees do you plant?

How much does each product contribute towards tree planting?

Hand Sanitizers

How do I use the hand sanitizer?

Are the hand sanitizers safe for children?

If it's alcohol-free, how does the sanitizer work?

Does TreeWear sanitizer provide 99.9% protection against all germs?

Is your Hand Sanitizer organic?

Is your Hand Sanitizer Vegan?

How are TreeWear Sanitizers different from regular Sanitizers?

What does it smell like and for how long does it last?

Does the product have preservatives?

What is the shelf life of the santizers?

Natural Deodorants

How do TreeWear deodorants work?

Is it an antiperspirant?

Why is different from any other roll-on deodorant?

Is it safe for children?

Are the deodorants vegan?

What does it smell like and how long does it last?

What is the shelf life of the deodorants?

Do the deodorants contain preservatives?

Are the deodorants organic?

How and when does one use TreeWear deodorants?

Are there any long term effects of using the deodorant?

Organic Apparel

What is TreeWear apparel made from?

How and Where are they made?

How is TreeWear apparel different?

What are the care instructions for TreeWear apparel?

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