Sustainable living has gained immense popularity in the past few years, giving rise to businesses and consumers that have adopted an environment-friendly approach in their daily workings and consumption patterns. A similar platform that has strived to spread the word on sustainability in mind is ALT EFF (All Living Things Environmental Film Festival), India’s first and only film festival that has amalgamated the message of climate change and sustainability for cinema.  Over the years, It has inspired and mobilized communities to take action towards creating a sustainable future, locally and at large. ALT EFF has been designed to showcase the best of environment-themed films and features to spread the word about sustainable living.


Keeping this robust approach to spread the word on conscious living in mind, TreeWear has teamed up with ALT EFF to bring you the best films about our planet that the world of theatre has to offer, giving you the chance to partake in dialogue and debate on these groundbreaking and compelling movies. With a total of 44 films to be screened, you are sure to find a bundle that resonates with you.


Some of the Films available for screening on ALT EFF this week

Join the movement and support emerging artists and filmmakers hone their craft with ALT EFF’s platform. With everyone’s aid, ALT EFF will create and enable a platform (Sustainable Living Market) for the creative, academic, business, activist, scientific and government communities to engage with the citizens and build collective power for environmental causes and actions.

The second edition of the All Living Things Environmental Film Festival (ALT EFF) will be held virtually from 9 to 17 October. With over 10 bundles to choose from, you are sure to find one that suits your tastes or pick an all-access pass to enjoy the best of all of the incredible films that ALT EFF has to offer this year. . You can grab yourself a pass by clicking on the applicable link below-

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