Deodorant is something that I have worn almost every day since I was 13 years old - & I think it would be safe to say that probably you have too. I remember it almost like it was a rite of passage into manhood, my first can of AXE deo spray. 

My first line of defence against the dreaded "BO" - something I knew a thing or two about, growing up in a dormitory with 20 other teenaged boys.But as I grew older (& wiser) I started reading the labels on most household products only to find that most of the ingredients were more worthy of a tongue twister than to be put on/in my body. With all the chemicals in it, & with news of anti-perspirants being harmful to the body, I thought there must be a natural way. 


That, & the understanding that large corporations are more concerned about their bottom line rather than their customers - led me to look in other places to find my daily essentials. 

Seeing as a deodorant was one of the things I used pretty much every day, and that too on such a sensitive part of my body, I decided that it was the first thing I would need to find an alternative for. 

After a little research online, I decided that I would stop using my current deodorant & use the time spent searching for a natural alternative as a detox period for my armpits that had been heavily laden with harsh chemicals my entire adult life. 

Co-founder Mikail Pardiwala shares his story on how to make the switch to natural deodorants


Searching for the best natural deodorant was a long & smelly process

I looked high & low for an Indian brand that made natural deodorants but to no avail. I found a few small brand natural alternatives from overseas, but none that suited my sensitive underarm - some were ineffective, others left a nasty burning sensation & some even stained my clothes.

But despite making the switch, I was still facing some issues. Many times I even thought to myself to go back to using the products I had been using for a decade - but I decided to stick it through & make the shift to a natural deodorant once & for all.  

Let me tell you, it was not a good few weeks - I was sweating (& smelling) more than I had in a decade. But, let me also tell you that this is normal after years of choking your pores with chemicals.   


So while I was experiencing what is known as "the rebound effect", I started to read more about why I was sweating more & how each of the ingredients in the deo was going to help me, eventually. I learnt that the body takes time to adjust to a new product & that through repeated use, my natural deodorant will bring me back to the same place the conventional deodorants had led me to - a clean, odourless armpit. 

I then did more research to learn what each of the ingredients in the formulations I was using did. Having learnt a good amount of knowledge about how natural deodorants act & how each ingredients played a part, I was now ready to take on the biggest challenge - developing a deodorant for myself that suit my body perfectly.  

How TreeWear developed their own brand of natural deodorants & personal care


I took a leap of faith & bought ingredients & began to make my own deodorants - which would suit my sensitive skin. Some turned out too oily, some too dry & some that just didn't suit my skin type. I did start to make progress though. I made some batches that were clearly working, & decided to take what I liked from each of them. Making them suited to the hot, humid Indian climate was key. 

With months of refinement & research, I managed to find the blends that appealed to me both smell & sensitivity wise. Then it was only a matter of finding an eco-friendly way to use them that was not too different from what I was used to - so I could make others' experience a lot easier than my own. Through a lot of hard work & innovation, we developed recycled cardboard tubes that would hold our product, making them easy to use, & sustainable too. 

Several months later, & the final result is the TreeWear Natural Deodorant - made with 100% natural ingredients. I ( & my skin) have never been happier - & I hope you will be too once you make the switch. Your body will thank you.

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