Deodorants & Anti-Perspirants - What's the difference?

We all use deodorant on a daily basis, but some of us are still using conventional anti-perspirants, which are now known to have harmful effects on the body & endocrine system. Deodorants & anti-perspirants are often used interchangeably, which is why there is confusion - anti-perspirants are actually normally ingredients added to a deodorant that help prevent sweating. 

So what really is the difference? Well, we're here to tell you:

Deodorants are products that contain heat & moisture activated ingredients that kill & protect against the bacteria that are responsible for body odour. 

They do not change the way your body functions by reducing sweating, rather it just prevents your sweat from smelling.

They usually contain fragrances of their own, which are often synthetic organic compounds such as esters, phthalates etc. Certain classes of these compounds can be problematic & cause skin irritations in some people.

Most deodorants that mask the scent of body odour are full of these compounds, & although it may not be the worst thing for your body, absorbing these compounds into your skin could have unintended consequences. 

Anti-Perspirants, in contrast, contain chemical compounds that have been developed specifically to block the pores of the armpit, thereby blocking the sweat gland from functioning as they normally would. 

They normally also contain compounds of Aluminium, which has estrogen-like properties - which can be carcinogenic when absorbed into the skin over long periods.

Most also contain some form of other chemicals mentioned in our other article - which include parabens, polypropylene glycol which can be hormone disruptors.

Seeing as deodorants are a necessity for our daily lives & an essential part of our personal care routine, now that you have all the facts - the choice seems clear.

Now that you know the difference between anti-perspirants & deodorants,  why not make an informed choice the next time you buy your next deodorant. 

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