Climate Change: What does it mean for you?

Climate change is likely to change the way we live on this planet, and Scientists warn that if we do not change our ways immediately, the results will likely be disastrous. Here's a small run down of what it is and what we can do to combat it (ref: How to combat air pollution in our homes and It's easy to #treethechange) 

Climate change is causing a lot of pollution and causes a threat to environment

The Basics

Carbon dioxide and other global warming pollutants are collecting in the atmosphere like a thickening blanket, trapping the sun's heat and causing the planet to warm up. 

Although local temperatures fluctuate naturally, over the past 50 years the average global temperature has increased at the fastest rate in recorded history. This increases the incidences of Extreme weather events and has a number of implications for our health and well-being.

What it means to you 

Because Climate change is a complex phenomenon, its full-scale impacts are hard to predict far in advance. But each year scientists learn more about how climate change is affecting the planet and our communities, and most agree that certain consequences are likely to occur if current trends continue.

In addition to impacting our water resources, energy supply, transportation, agriculture, and ecosystems, climate change also poses unique challenges to human health, such as: 

  • Significant increases in the risk of illness and death related to extreme heat and heat waves are very likely. 
  • Some diseases transmitted by food, water, and insects are likely to increase. 
  • Certain groups, including children, the elderly, and the poor, are most vulnerable to a range of climate-related health effects.

Climate change causes problems to all the factors of the ecosystem, water, land and organisms.


The good news is that we can still take steps to reverse the impact we have had and being to live more consciously of the environment around us. Advances in technology exist today to make cars that run cleaner and burn less gas, modernize power plants and generate electricity from nonpolluting sources, and cut our electricity use through energy efficiency. A two-pronged approach by cutting pollution and expanding clean energy is the main aim for most governments. The challenge is to be sure these solutions are put to use.But you too can play and important role in combating Climate change on an individual level. It can be as simple as adopting some simple changes in our daily habits. Using the resources we have wisely and judiciously, and supporting movements that are trying to bring about positive change also play a big part. And most of all, being the change we want to see is paramount in the battle to reduce climate change.

Make the changes today and help sustain the environment by planting more trees.

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How do you think is the climate change affecting us, let us know in the comment section below.

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