5 personal care switches to make to be eco friendly 

1. Use solid soap, shampoo and conditioner 

Solid Shampoo and conditioner bars last much longer than your regular liquid shampoo and conditions. But most importantly it means less plastic packaging going to the landfill. Many solid shampoo and conditioner bars smell amazing and are more likely to be made out of natural ingredients which means they are less likely to cause harm to any marine life once they enter waterways.

2.Use natural zero waste deodorant

Treewear makes zero waste natural deodorant and the packaging is compostable. Natural deodorant is better for the skin with no harmful chemicals

3.Switch to a metal razor

 Metal razors can last a lifetime. You can switch out the razor heads as needed and send them to a metal recycling facility. This way you can avoid using plastic disposable razors.

4.Switch a compostable bamboo toothbrush

Similar to using a metal razor, a bamboo brush can be a one time purchase where the bristles are compostable and can be switched out at ease. .                                                                                                          

5.Use organic cotton pads or natural hand sanitizer instead of disposable face wipe

 Frequent makeup users can buy organic cotton pads that will last years. Once used you can pop them into the washing machine and they come out brand new. This way you can avoid clogging oceans and rivers with disposable makeup/face wipes. Save all those turtles and fish by using reusable cotton pads. If you rely heavily on disposable wipes to clean hands, then switch to Treewear’s natural hand sanitizers that come in glass bottles and smell divine.

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