5 Clever Alternative Uses for your Natural Lip Balm

Lip Balms as a personal care product is made of simple yet versatile ingredients. These key ingredients include beeswax, cocoa butter, coconut oil and essential oils too. Each of them has a different physical property and in combination, Lip balms can be used to solve a range of daily problems in a Natural way.
So here are some Clever tips and tricks for alternative ways to use your Natural Lip Balm.

Presenting 5 alternative ways to use your TreeWear Lip Balm:

1. Use it as a balm to lubricate your FEET and address SHOE BITES.

Working into a new pair of shoes is always troublesome. To alleviate any scrapes and bites, you can use a natural lip balm to lubricate your feet in those painful spots. The combined properties of the oils and beeswax create a slippery surface to avoid friction from your shoes damaging your skin.
P.S Always wear sock where possible to avoid shoe related pains.

2. Use it manage/style STRAY HAIR instead of using expensive synthetic gels.

There are always times when we wish we could keep that one stray hair in place, luckily, if you carried your TreeWear Lip Balm with you, you're safe. The stickiness of the beeswax in ourNatural lip balm is the right consistency to use as an alternative to gel.

3. Add a little last minute shine to your FOOTWEAR

For most non-white and non-cloth footwear, a little balm goes a long way to shine those shoes. Remove scuff marks of Vegan Leather and restore those well used, shoes, belt, wallets and more.

4. Use it to LOOSEN RINGS or tough knots.

Don't you hate that feeling of panic when you feel like a ring is stuck on your finger? Or that annoying feeling when a knot refuses to loosen? Next time try using your lip balm to help mange the issue.

5. Apply it to your CUTICLES to SOFTEN them.

Depending on changes in weather, our cuticles can react quite strongly. If you have sensitive finger cuticles, applying a small amount of balm to your cuticles overnight can help soften them and alleviate any pain.


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