Tips to celebrate an Eco-friendly Diwali

Diwali is a time for celebration & joy for the entire family. But the festival of light often has a dark side that people refuse to talk about - the fact that the way we celebrate it today is dangerous to our health & the planet's health.
But we're here to tell you, it doesn't have to be that way!
All of us can have a fun-filled & prosperous Diwali, it is simply a matter of being responsible for our actions & changing a few small things that can make our Diwali an eco-friendly one, too!

Here's 4 things you can do this year to make it truly prosperous:

This diwali, ditch the firecrackers

Say NO to firecrackers - because they're not part of Diwali anyways.

Diwali as a festival goes back thousands of years, but firecrackers - just a few hundred. So how did bursting loud, bright, chemically-laden crackers become synonymous with Diwali? 

Well, the practice of burning firecrackers originated in china as a way of warding off evil spirits & since Diwali celebrates the victory of good over evil, the practice spread to India as well around the Mughal era. Then too, it was used mainly for the entertainment of the royals - most people used to burn clay Diyas in their home. So although the tradition has continued, it's origins have nothing to do with the festival.
Not to mention a lot has changed since then.
There are more people now than ever before & we live in closer quarters, too. The chemicals & factories involved in their manufacture are notorious for child labour. Apart from causing big amounts of noise & air pollution, it can also be dangerous to kids due to toxic fumes & open flames.
So this year, why not try to make a switch to clay Diyas - a symbol that is truly synonymous with the festival.

Reusable Cutlery & Crockery

Everyone loves a Diwali party - nothing better than spending time with the family, eating sweets & the yummy food, but all those parties create a huge footprint that we need to consider.
This year, say no to single-use plates, cups & cutlery - it's a simple move that will make a big difference to your eco-friendly Diwali. Instead, consider using your home cutlery & crockery for a party - or check out several eco-friendly options now available in the country, like Areca nut plates or even recycled bagasse plates.

Buy Local & Package Recycled

    Diwali gifting is a big part of the way the festival is celebrated today. We love getting new things & wearing our new clothes out to parties - but when gifting, all it takes a little bit of thought about which organizations you are supporting with your purchase.
    Think about buying handmade clay diyas instead of electrical ones, or consider switching to recycled paper gift wrapping instead of imported plastic ones. Basically, think about what you're getting & consider local options instead of imported ones - because after all, they support our communities.
    If you're searching for a truly unique gifting idea - get your family members a plant. Plants make excellent gifts & they're the greenest gifts of all!

    Ditch the sweets for something healthier.

    We all love Diwali sweets, but sadly there's only so much we can eat. Families sending each other sweets is a symbol of love, but why should a gift have adverse effects on your health.
    So before thinking about sending off some of those laddoos to your cousin - why not opt for a healthier option - something they may actually use & cherish? Gifting is such a big business these days, there are many companies selling special diwali pack & combos (including us!) to make gifting easier for their customers.
    Trust us, your cousin & the planet earth will thank you.
    Bringing an eco-friendly touch to your diwali celebration just requires a little more thought & planning, but this year, let us pledge to make our diwali truly green!

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