Advantages of alcohol-free hand sanitizer

Nowadays we see a lot of information that tells us that over-using hand sanitizers are bad for us - but is there any real truth to them? With the rise of fake news & just generally getting conflicted information about so many things these days - it's harder to navigate the truth. So we're here to try & make it a bit simpler. 

Well, although different hand-sanitizers do have their pros & cons - most tend to agree that although alcohol-based sanitizers are good for cleaning - they're not that good for your body or health.

Here are some advantages we found to switching over to non-alcoholic hand sanitizers:  

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 We are all too familiar with that painful stinging when we make the mistake of using sanitizer when our cuticles may have skin peeling off them, or if we have dry, cracked hands during colder months of the year (paradoxically making them even drier as they strip oils off your skin).This is because of the alcohol content in traditional, alcohol-based hand sanitizers. 

Alcohol is known to sting, but what's not known as well is why. Alcohol actually bonds with certain nerve receptors that lower the threshold normally associated with our perception of "hot things".Non-alcoholic hand sanitizers, on the other hand, do not sting the skin & sometimes even contain ingredients that promote a healthier, softer skin condition.


 Any Alcohol-free Hand sanitizer will always have a better chance of being gentle on your skin because one of the biggest undesired side effects of alcohol-based hand sanitizers is that they dry your hands, especially with repeated use.

On the other hand, alcohol-free hand sanitizers normally contain some oil or aloe gel to actually help maintain & improve skin condition and even moisturise dry hands, in the case of oil-based sanitizers.  

Non alcoholic hand sanitizers improves skin condition as opposed to regular alcohol based sanitizers


 Safety wise, one of the most distressing things about alcohol-based sanitizers is its potential for misuse or injury due to accidents. There have been several cases of people, particularly children, sustaining burns because of misuse, as they are not aware of the dangers of bringing open flames close to anyone using sanitizer. 

This danger has been instrumental in some public places switching over to alcohol-free hand sanitizers, particularly for use in patient rooms or for hallways and public areas. 


 The smell of alcohol is unmistakable and many people find the smell of it offensive. This often requires a bunch of chemicals known as esters, which are added to your sanitizers just to make your hand sanitizer smell bearable enough to use.

Some alcohol-free sanitizers still use perfumes & some chemical fragrances to enhance their smell to make them more attractive to users, but nowadays they have taken a turn toward more natural ingredients are people become more aware of the dangers.

Lastly, Essential oils have their own unique natural & pleasant smelling scents that accompany them, and our unique formulations balance fragrance with function - ensuring you get the best of both worlds. 

Essential oils provide a pleasant odor and have antibacterial and antiseptic properties


Did you know that alcohol-based hand sanitizers become ineffective as soon as their concentration drops below a certain amount - i.e. as soon as some of it has evaporated off your hands? 

The protection from an alcohol-based sanitizer is only as long as you can feel it on your skin - once it evaporates, the protection ends.

In contrast, alcohol-free hand sanitizers, particularly essential oil based ones, allow the anti-bacterial oils within them to permeate the skin allowing for a longer lasting & a deeper cleansing effect.  

Non alcoholic hand santizers having essential oils within them provide a longer lasting and deeper cleansing effect


 All in all, the advantages of alcohol-free hand sanitizers are definitely enough for some to make the switch over to something natural, or at least to something without the alcohol. If you are undecided, TreeWear has just released an on-the-go starter pack of our 3 blends that are sure to make you a convert for life, available here.

Now that you know that alcohol based hand sanitizers are more harmful than useful, would you consider making the switch to a non alcoholic alternative?  Comment your thoughts below! 


  • Ever since the inception of sanitizer I detested the use of alcohol- based. I resolved to using locally made sanitizer from filtered ash. People thought that I was outdated. I am encouraged by this article.

    Dr. Daniel Lois Nanzing
  • Ever since the inception of hand sanitizer, I detested the alcohol-based sanitizer. I resolved to using locally made sanitizer from filtered liquid ash. People thought I outdated. I am encouraged by this article.

    Dr. Daniel Lois Nanzing
  • Thank you for sharing such an informative and useful information about the advantages of alcohol-free hand sanitizer.

    Online Journalist

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